Shadow of the Cat

Level 1

Unfinished Business -- Backplot
A few months have past since Lara Croft's return from her expedition to the Temple of the Cat in Egypt. On this brisk winter evening, Lara returns home from a speaking engagement in London, and is greeted by her elderly butler

"You have a guest, Miss Croft."

"When are you going to start calling me 'Lara'?" Lara quips.

The proper English butler refuses to dignify her remark with an answer, and continues, "Professor Pollard is waiting for you upstairs in the library."

"Richard!" Lara exclaims and rushes up the stairs.

Upstairs in the library, her mentor and good friend, Professor Richard Pollard rises from his chair to congratulate her, "Lara, dear, smashing job on finding that cat temple in Egypt.

They exchange news and the topic moves to Lara's recent adventure concerning the Atlantean Scion.

"I've read the manuscripts you sent me to review before you submit them to the archaeology journals. It's a shame that the Atlantean Pyramid you discovered was decimated. I agree that you shouldn't make mention of those strange creatures you encountered. That would cause unnecessary panic. It's not surprising that people would find it hard to believe anyway; however, who would have ever thought that you would find that yeti or even more recently that Tyrannosaurus-Rex in Peru?

Their conversation continues late into the night. Finally, as Pollard prepares to depart, he mentions, "I nearly forgot: I just got an invitation from an old colleague in Beijing to do some excavating along the Great Wall in western China later this year. Sounds rather interesting... I'd invite you along but the Chinese government is pretty particular about these things. I'll let you know how it goes. Oh, and you must stop by the house and tell Elizabeth and the children all about your recent trips. Perhaps Thursday for dinner?"

"I would be delighted," Lara answers, "'Til Thursday then?"

"Wonderful. See you then," Pollard leaves.

A New Day
The next day, Lara tunes in to the BBC world report as usual.

"In world news: The wreckage of another fishing boat has been found in the waters of the Eastern Mediterranean sea. Once again no survivors were recovered. This is the sixth such incident that has occurred in that area in the past month. Due to the calm weather, this incident was also deemed an accident caused by pilot error, as was the determination in the other five. Local fisherman deny that these deaths are the result of accidents and fear that such incidents will continue to occur. To calm the fears of locals, experts say that these events have no relation to the unusual seismic activity that destroyed an island in the same area a few months earlier.

"Seismic activity indeed," Lara huffs, knowing better. However, this last report grabs Lara's attention and worries her. "Too much of a coincidence," she mumbles to herself.

Lara returns by boat to the location in the Mediterranean Sea where the island continent of Atlantis formerly stood. Lara scans the horizon to find a smaller island nearby. She pushes the throttle forward and steers her boat towards the small island.

After a detailed survey of this small mountainous island, Lara finds an unusual cave entrance. The walls within are not natural rock formations and the patterns are quite familiar to her. "It looks as though I have some unfinished business," Lara breathes. The cave slopes down steeply, and Lara steps down into the darkness...

  1. The backplot provided is a fabrication of the staff here at the Tomb Raiders Traveler's Guide. The "official notes" for the Unfinished Business levels as given by Eidos Interactive and Philip Campbell, the level designer are as follows:

    "Unfinished Business" provides TWO EXPERT LEVELS of Lara's dramatic return to Atlantis - Lara has discovered the existence of a ruined segment of the alien city, allegedly containing a hive of surviving creatures guarding an alien hatchery. In this new adventure she must destroy the aliens before they invade again!

    "The idea behind 'Unfinished Business' was to create an alternative ending to the game, where Lara would come face to face with an almost overwhelming horde of alien creatures defending the 'hub' of their territory...It is pitched as an 'expert' challenge, and is intended to be played as a continuation of the original game. A tangible form of alien architecture was created with logical locations and connections, so that the alert player could make informed decisions about where the goals of the levels lay. Transparencies were used everywhere to help generate this 'sense of place,' and of course to foreshadow future (and often deadly) confrontations!" -- Philip Campbell
    Although, Philip Campbell was quoted on Theresa's Unfinished Business Walkthrough at the Croft Times as stating that these levels were meant to directly follow the last level of the original Tomb Raider, thus coming before "The Shadow of the Cat" levels, we wrote our plot based on where the levels actually occur.