Level 17
Level 18

Home Sweet Home
Items: 44
Kills: 16
Back the Croft Estate in Surrey, England, night has fallen. Lara Croft has returned home, tired and sore. Her faithful butler, recognizing the familiar rumble of her motorcycle, opens the the front door before she has even come to a stop. Lara kicks down the stand and dismounts.

"Good Evening, Miss Croft," he tells her, taking her jacket.

"When are you going to start calling me Lara?" she asks with a smile. The butler clears his throat. "Winston1, be a dear, and draw me a hot bath, would you?"

"Certainly, Miss Croft," the butler replies standing at the base of the stairs, "Miss Croft?" Lara has already reached the top of the staircase and is headed for her bedroom. "Miss Croft?" he asks more urgently2.

Lara sighs tiredly, "Yes?"

"Welcome home, Miss Croft," the butler replies with a smile on his face. Lara cannot help smiling back at his comforting warmth.

"Thank you. It's good to be home."

Lara enters her bedroom and begins to stow away her equipment into the closet while the butler brings up a pot of Earl Grey and fills the tub. The butler leaves the room and closes the door behind him. Lara undresses and dons her favorite blue bathrobe.

After finishing her tea, Lara is about to step into the bathroom, when she pauses. She sits down on her bed to examine her latest acquisition.

Before she can examine it more fully, a crash can be heard from the estate's front gates and the security alarm begins to sound. Lara tucks the dagger into the belt of her robe and prepares to deal with the intruders.
The Gun Closet
Upon starting this level, Lara will have only two items in her possession. One is the Dagger of Xian, and the other is the Gun Cupboard Key. Lara will not be in possession of any weapons, ammunition, or Medi Packs. Immediately run around the bed and use the key to open the closet next to the bed.

Run inside and vault up onto the counter. Immediately pick up the shotgun (1) along with the eight boxes of shotgun shells (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9) that are with it in the back left corner. Turn around and face the door. Two thugs (1, 2) will enter the bed room from the door on the left and charge into this closet. Draw the shotgun, but allow them to approach the closet door before opening fire. Two shotgun blasts apiece will take them down. Eventually a doberman (3) will enter the room as well, but it will not climb up onto the counter that Lara is standing on. Fire on it as it runs past. If Lara is unable to kill it now, she will scare it away with the shotgun blast.

Only when both thugs are dead should Lara collect the rest of the items in the closet, which include two large Medi Packs (10, 11), two boxes of flares (12, 13), a small Medi Pack (14), a pile of nine shotgun shells (15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23), one pile of ten boxes of shotgun shells (24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33) and another pile of nine shotgun shells (34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42). Start with the large Medi Packs on the right and work clockwise around the room.

From the left side of the room Lara should be able to see the windows that lead to her balcony. Either charge out of the closet and turn right and open fire on a cultist (4) that is on the balcony outside, or lock onto the cultist from inside the closet. If Lara attempts to fire on him from inside the closet, make sure to run out after the first shotgun blast to prevent him from escaping out the door. After killing him, collect a box of shotgun shells (43) from his body.

Exit the gun closet and turn left to exit the bed room. Two cultists (5, 6) will have arrived and will have either entered Lara's bed room or are waiting in the foyer outside. Open fire on them and keep moving until they are dead.

Exit the foyer through the front door and immediately back flip back into the mansion and side flip to get clear of the front door. Two dobermans (7, 8), three cultists (9, 10, 11), and a thug (12) will enter the mansion. To kill the dogs and the thugs, Lara can stand just to the left of the doorway and pick them off with one or two shotgun blasts, respectively. To kill the cultists, Lara should charge at them, so that she is too close for them to fire on her. Pick up a small Medi Pack (44) from one of the dead cultists. Outside, Lara will find one more thug (13).

After killing that thug, turn left and head toward the side of the house near the garden maze. Light a flare to help improve visibility as Lara heads into the darkness. Turn left and follow the walkway to the left along the side of Lara's house towards the beginning of the assault course. Along the way, Lara will meet up with a doberman (14) and a cultist (15).
When Lara has defeated the dog and the last cultist, follow the walkway as it turns to the right. The walkway will end at the beginning of the assault course. There, Lara will find Colt (16) once again 3. It looks like Lara didn't finish him off in their last encounter. Open fire while jumping side to side until he falls, making sure that this will be the last time Lara will meet up with him.

Once Colt is dead, the mansion and grounds will have been secured. Now it's time to head back inside for a well-deserved shower.

Immediately after the end credits, start a new game and save to play again with all the weapons and unlimited ammunition, flares, and Medi Packs.

In order of appearance:
1 Shotgun
8 Shotgun Shells
2 Large Medi Pack
1 Flares
1 Small Medi Pack
9 Shotgun Shells
10 Shotgun Shells
9 Shotgun Shells
1 Flares
9 Shotgun Shells
1 Shotgun Shells
1 Small Medi Pack

44 Total
1 cultist
2 thugs
2 cultist
1 doberman
2 doberman
3 cultists
2 thug
1 doberman
1 cultist
1 Colt

16 Total

  1. The name "Winston" was mentioned in refernence to Lara's butler in "An Interview with Lara" in Gamers' Republic magazine Dec '98 issue. We asked Vicky Arnold, scriptwriter for the Tomb Raider games, to verify Lara's butler's name. She replied, "Lara's butler has been referred to as Winston here since he was 1st designed as this is what Gav called him in his code... and it seems to have stuck. I'm not sure how often this has actually been put into writing before the Gamer's Republic interview - but he's been called that long enough for it to be warranted as an 'official' name anyhow." Our thanks to Vicky for this information.

  2. This exchange is not part of the in-game cut-scene, and is mostly plagiarized from Gary Whitta's "Tomb Raider Movie Script", but this is our effort to give the butler a bigger role in this game. Sorry Gary, hope you don't mind.

  3. Colt may or may not be where we describe. In the couple of times I've played this level he was there, maybe, half the time. If he's not there, just run around the grounds and eventually he will show up. Don't bother entering the garden maze, as an encounter with Colt in such close quarters will be unhealthy for Lara. I find that having Lara run around in the front yard, where the two black vans are now parked, will make it easier for Colt to find her.