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Welcome to both novice and adept tomb raiders. The Tomb Raiders Traveler's Guide project is an effort to produce the most comprehensive and detailed guide to the Tomb Raider games.

An overview of each level is provided in the guide. A separate hints page provides hints to the puzzles and trickier parts of each level. Finally, an extremely detailed walkthrough exists for each level of the game. Every effort has been taken to make sure these walkthroughs are the best available anywhere on the web. Each walkthrough provides the most straightforward method to complete the levels of each game. As a result you will find every item and enemy while using the fewest medi packs in the process.

Besides the level guides, there are general strategy guides with descriptions of the various weaponry and enemies that will be encountered. Also included are transcripts of all cut-scenes and full-motion video sequences to help clarify the plot and dialogue in each of the games. If you are having trouble with the Tomb Raider games, this is the place for solutions.

Please read our About This Site page for more detailed information about this guide, and check our Latest Site News page for updates on what is happening here at the Guide.

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